Ffresh is an unique initiative established on the reputed platform of NCDEX e-Markets Limited (NeML). It integrates the e-spot markets with the nationwide cold storage network of Schedulers Logistics to provide the best produce at your doorstep.

Benefits :

On the FFresh platform the Franchisee may be wholesale buyers or retail buyers. By participating on the FFresh platform they are assured of:

  1. Best Quality
  2. Delivered fresh at your doorstep
  3. Track your order
  4. Access to national markets
  5. Transparent Price Discovery Mechanism
  6. Order Consolidation Mechanism

Current Products List

  1. Muzzafarpur Litchi
  2. Kinnaur Apples
  3. Nagpur Oranges
  4. Punjab Kinnow
  5. Sangali Pomegranates
  6. Onions
  7. Potatoes
  8. Tomatoes